About the Board

Board members are appointed by City Council for one year terms.

Members may serve up to 9 terms.

Current Membership List

There are currently 25 board members:

  • Allan Bolstad
  • Alex Nagy
  • Art Peterson
  • Brian Gibson
  • Chris Buyze
  • Debby Kronewitt Martin
  • Donald Fleming
  • E. James Kindrake
  • Elaine Solez
  • Gwen Harris
  • Ian Wachowicz
  • Jack Jones
  • James Wall
  • Kathy Cherniawsky
  • Laura Delfs
  • Louise Gibson
  • Lyall Pratt
  • Mark Young
  • Melanie McCallum
  • Rick Hachigian
  • Robert Hobson
  • Rohit Handa
  • Sara McCartney
  • Shari LaPerle
  • Winston Tuttle

Recruitment Process

The City of Edmonton invites citizens to serve on the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board. The Office of the City Clerk coordinates recruitment campaigns to fill citizen-at-large vacancies.

Check out Current Recruitment Campaigns for further information regarding the recruitment process.

For More Information

Subdivision and Development Appeal Board

COVID-19 Update

The Tribunals' office is closing in-person services effective Tuesday, March 24, 2020. Appeals can be filed online. These changes will be in effect until further notice. We will continue to re-evaluate these measures as the COVID-19 situation develops.

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